I became a migrant worker when I moved to Being, lending a fresh perspective on the debate on immigration which has done so much to change society in the UK, and around the world.

In fact migrant workers were my first subject when I moved to Beijing - a voiceless army I sought to document as they transformed the city around me. Often in incredibly tough and dangerous conditions. 

At the same time I got glimpses into another fast-changing story on migration during visits back home, where, despite the challenges, an amazing degree of integration and inclusiveness blew me away. 

This on-going portrait series began in and around London in the run up to the UK Brexit referendum, seeking to explore and celebrate this diversity. 

I chose a simple background and studio lit portraits to take the subject away from the distant environmental images that often separate us from what is a profound, human story. 

And I've sought to photograph people from all walks of life, and all sides of the debate, to offer a level visual playing field.  The project, like the debate, continues. Explore the full gallery here: